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Trying out a different kind of poetry

Grey skies keep me inside and alone and cold
Where cats sleep and people sleep and life seems to slow
Memories of yesterday and yesteryear and old dreams that will never be
Consume the mind and remind and seem to define who and what I shall be.

A kiss to remember

A kiss. A kiss tells you a lot about the way someone loves. My favourite kisses are the ones that are soft, and slow at first. When your mouth and tongue explore the other's. Gently pulling on eachother's lips, and dancing an erotic dance of tongues. Gasping for breath between kisses because they are so intense. And out of breath, looking in eachother's eyes and trembling with a smile because you're lost. So wonderfully lost in that single moment, where nothing matters but the kiss... the kiss that makes your cheeks flush, and your heart beat fast... the kiss that makes you forget to breathe... the kiss that makes you touch your lips with your fingertips in wonder... Those are the kisses of a sensual lover.

he ate my heart

Run little rabbit
Hide in your hole
Fix your bad habit
Or pay the hefty toll

Cruel little jackal
Played a selfish part
With lures and a shackle
Ate the rabbit's heart

Stupid little bunny
Let your guard down
Now it's not so sunny
In this lonely little town

think before you do

There is a Latin saying... Accipere quam facere praestat iniuriam. It is better to suffer an injustice than to commit one, in essence. I would never wish anyone to suffer, nor would I wish anyone to commit an injustice on behalf of those who suffer.


Every time I lose myself
In the cellar of the devil
Memories overcome my mind
No longer do I revel


If my soul is made up of a hundred candles
And your kisses are like flames
Light my wicks, soften the wax, and watch me glow

Slipping away

"You said Ignorance was my personal Hell..." I say with tears in my eyes.
"Yes, I did. You have many personal Hells." My guardian demon smirks.
"Is this a test? A dream perhaps?" I ask to no one in particular.
"Would that make it easier?" He remarks with a bored expression.
"I don't know... If I die in a dream, do I die in real life? ...Or do I wake up?"
"Why don't we try it, and find out together?" He grins wryly.
"Only if you promise to hold my hand..."
"You know I never make promises." He rolls his eyes.
"Then I shall suffer this nightmare until the end..." I sigh.


Amor caecus est.

Quid me nutrit me destruit.

Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam.

Eyes wide shut

Perception is not reality, just as information is not insight.
Wisdom is gained through knowledge, yet knowledge does not grant wisdom.
Hard truths shatter the bliss of ignorance, and through time grants freedom.
Broken hearts may heal... but shall forever bare the scars of malevolence, intended or not.

anxious heart

My heart was that of rabbit thrice
Innocent, unaware, a sacrifice
In time mine eyes of owl did turn
And I grew wise with every burn
While rabbit ink reminded me
Not a sacrifice you shall be